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تطبيق المسبحة الوردية أنا معكم



تطبيق المسبحه الورديه "أنا معكم" متوفر مجاناً ويمكنك تحميله على جازك الخليوي، فقط اختر نوع نظامك أعلاه. هدفنا مساعدة الكنيسة عل نشر المسبحة الوردية في العالم أجمع ومساعدة كل شخص على تلاوتها ىوصلاتها. 

للمزيد من المعلومات الرجاء الضغط على صورة الإعلان

صلوا من اجلنا 


The Rosary "I am with you" app is free downloadable and you can download the app on your device, you have only to choose your device system. Our aim is to help the church spreading the rosary all over the world to encourage people to pray the rosary.

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Rabab participated in WYD Rio 2013 in the International version of the hymn

The Holy Land Sounds was founded in 2006 by Luai Zaher and Rabab Zaitoun. It is an institution for producing Christian hymns, videos and programs. Its main goal is to touch Christians' hearts everywhere through music and video in order to help each one see the kingdom of God that already exists in their hearts. Luai and Rabab believe that through music, which is the most powerful international language, they can praise and glorify the Lord and help others glorify and worship Him. They believe that we must glorify the Lord through every thing we do; work, family, every day life and the talents he blesses us with. Each one of us is entrusted with a certain gift in order to use it for the good of our brothers. This is the best way to glorify the Lord in our lives. Sharing God's graces with others is the way of love and once we start walking along it then we are pleasing God who is love.




The official anthem for the Pope’s visit was produced The Holy Land Sounds. The lyrics were written by Rabab Zaitoun and the music was composed by Luai Zaher and Rabab Zaitoun. 

For more information visit the official site of the visit  POPE FRANCIS IN THE HOLY LAND 2014